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Health Resort since 1892

The local inhabitants of the island of Lošinj have always been aware of the pleasant, healing and almost miraculous effect of the climate on their island.

In 1880 Ambroz Haračić, a professor of renowned nautical school initiated his 25 year-long meteorological observation which, scientific in its approach, confirmed exceptional properties of the island’s climate.

In 1885 dr. Conrad Klar, a famous Austrian specialist for allergies and respiratory diseases, brought his son on the island to recover from a grave disease. Three weeks later his son was fully recovered and dr. Klar familiarized the experts with a phenomenon of Lošinj.

In 1892 on the basis of meteorological measurements carried out by Ambroz Haračić and further analysis of the Viennese experts, Mali and Veli Lošinj were proclaimed the health resorts by the contemporary State Ministry of Health of Austro-Hungarian monarchy.

Several factors make the climate of the island unique:

  • The island is approximately 30 km distant from the land which eases the effect of strong north wind and cold European anticyclone.
  • It is also very narrow and long with the maximum width to 5 km which does not allow the extreme cooling of the sea and the favourable effect of the aerosol may be felt on the entire island.
  • It is located on the dividing line between the East European anticyclone and Mediterranean cyclone which eases the influence and unpleasant effect of these disturbances.

The latest results measured by the Public Health Institute in 2007 and 2008 show that the area of Lošinj has a Category 1 of air quality.

The natural healing factors of the island are the result of the climate, air, sea water, sun, vegetation and walking trails. We invite you to discover this benefits and provide your family with a healthy and active holiday on Lošinj Island.

Enjoy Nature to the fullest!

Losinj Island - where the healthy aromas of the sea air and the pine trees mingle